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Full-Rev Racing Pro Lever Guards

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FULL REV RACING Lever Guards are made from aluminum and fiber reinforced plastic. The use of lever guards not only protect the front brake lever from being impacted when you bump into another rider, but they will also offer protection to your bike levers, and more importantly to your hands in case of a crash.

Many race tracks and racing organizations worldwide are now making the use of lever guards mandatory, so we have developed this high quality product which is both stylish and functional.

The extra long handle bar insert ensures a solid mounting, and will not easily turn off like others on the market. the inserts come in 2 sizes to fit different sized bars. In order to  maintain a proper clearance with the brake and clutch levers, we have included spacers to space the lever guard further away from the bar to ensure proper lever operation.

Fit: Universal for bikes with hollow handlebars.

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